Great Website but No Views?
Yorkshire & Barnsley SEO can help get your company higher in local search ratings, which will improve visits leading to more potential calls and sales.


We Can Help You Grow

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization and is proven to get websites higher on search engines such as Google. If you are stuck on search results page 10, then below are some examples of what Yorkshire & Barnsley SEO can do to make your website get on customers radars.

Focus Keywords

Using professional tools I find which keywords are popular in your sector. We then research what your competitors are doing, to find how you can get ahead of local competition.

Content Creation

We will create content which can be added onto your own site or external links. This includes press releases, sale information and articles.

Improving Pages

I look at your existing website pages and ensure the text has all the SEO requirements. This includes keywords, meta descriptions, title tags and image information.

Link Building

There are hundreds of websites which allow you to submit your link to them. Have you targeted them yet? It's a long process but can really help your search rank.

Health Check

Alongside optimising your content, our WordPress Developer runs regular checks on your website, fixing broken links and speeding up your website where possible.

Google Console

I will setup your Google Search Console account. This enables a sitemap submission - along with instant alerts of customer search queries and indexing issues.

Why Does SEO Help?

You know how we do Yorkshire & Barnsley SEO (listed above) – but why is Search Engine Optimization so important to your business?

Daily Searches

Did you know that there is approximately 3.5 billion searches per day on Google alone? Companies pay thousands to make sure they're top of their search results.

First Page

When searching, roughly only 25% will visit the second page of results. So if you aren't on the first page, then 3/4 of the people looking will not see your business.


SEO isn't just about search ratings, it is also future-proof building. Having a good SEO strategy will allow people to see your articles and news - increasing brand awareness.

Get Yourself Online

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