10 Superb Interactive Websites to Visit

There are so many unique websites which allow visitors to explore them, get interactive and creative. Do you know about these 10?

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1 Music-Map

Even though I have Amazon and Spotify, I still find myself regularly needing to search for new artists. Though it’s a lot easier now after I found a great little tool called Music-Map. You simply search in a favourite artist/band and it will suggest similar artists in like a mind-map.

In another neat addition, the map shows the similar artist/bands at a distance from your chosen person. The closer they are to your person, the higher the chance of you liking the new suggestion(s). http://music-map.com

2 MapCrunch

I might not be able to go anywhere currently, but MapCrunch transports you to somewhere completely random! The website allows to explore the images which Google has captured across 50 countries.

If like me you are missing a trip abroad, this is probably the next best thing. Simply click ‘Go’ and you may find some unexplainable sights and beautiful scenery. http://www.mapcrunch.com

3 Internet Archive

For somebody who loves making websites, I suppose it’s only logical that I also like seeing what the internet used to look like. The Internet Archive (also known as Wayback Machine) is a great digital library of web history spanning over 20 years.

Their archive is quite staggering as it holds over 475 billion old web pages, along with 6 million videos and 3.5 million images. Just visit their website and type in the URL’s history you wish to visit. http://archive.org/web

4 MuscleWiki

You feeling like a lazy person? It’s easy to forget how your body is suffering during lockdown – we aren’t going out as much, not going to the gym or simply walking around to the local cinema. Luckily the website MuscleWiki is a superb interactive website which lets you find exercises and stretches to keep your muscles active.

Upon your visit to the website, you will find a picture of the human body. Just navigate and select the muscle group you are interested in – for exercises for example, it will then show a video of the exercise and an explanation on how to do it. http://musclewiki.com

5 Radio Garden

I just love to find a new radio station, whether local or international! The most recent addition in my collection is Snow FM in New South Wales, Australia. I find most of my favourites through Radio Garden – a worldwide globe which rotates to reveal radio stations.

You’ll notice thousands of green dots, which remarkably represents all the cities and towns with radio stations broadcasting. You can also save radios for later by clicking the heart button. http://radio.garden

6 The Useless Web

Looking for something silly to make you laugh? The Useless Web is just that – just click the ‘please’ button and it will take you to a selection of purposeless, completely random, and beyond strange websites!

Sites to be included are things such as Random Colour (which changes every time you refresh), Cat Bounce and my favourite – Eel Slap! http://theuselessweb.com

7 Window Swap

This is my personal best find of 2021. Window Swap lets you look through somebody else’s window – it has been a great helping mechanism for me over lockdown.

So get ready for a trip to somewhere new by choosing ‘open a new window’. My first visit was to Manhattan and to I presume the River Hudson, before moving onto the beautiful evening skyline of Chicago before looking out at Sao Paulo. There are many ‘normal’ sights too, such as backyards in England and Spain for example. http://window-swap.com

8 Museum of Endangered Sounds

Launched in 2012, this fascinating site aims to help save the sounds made by now historic technology.

Sounds which struck me were the iconic Nokia ringtone, the hated dial-up internet and audio cassette tape. Museum of Endangered Sounds is a definite must visit for anybody who loves technology. http://savethesounds.info

9 Flight Radar 24

Ever wanted to know how many planes are in the air and where they are going? No… me either! Though Flight Radar 24 is an interesting concept that provides you with real-time figures about aircraft.

Before Covid, it used to track over 180,000 flights per day and boasts an impressive 40 million mobile app downloads – not to mention some of the big airlines use it such as Airbus and Boeing.

10 You’re Getting Old

A super demoralizing website, You’re Getting Old was invented to show you what has happened in your lifetime. The website itself claims ‘everyone can find a positive message about their life’.

So what’s happened in my lifetime?

  • When I was 4, the DVD disc was announced
  • When I was 9, I welcomed in the new Millennium
  • When I was 20, the Olympic Games took place in London

What is your own positive message? http://you.regettingold.com